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Your Child is your most precious responsibility. It is the commitment of CrossPoint Children’s Center to partner with you in providing students with a caring, Christian-based foundation in an atmosphere that encourages the social, spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual growth and development of each child. We are dedicated to providing a safe and positive learning environment that will prepare your child for success in future schooling with an awareness and confidence in God’s love and power.

As you browse through this web site you will get an inside glimpse at the rich, broad objectives of our program. This program is carefully designed to help lay the best possible foundation from the very first day of preschool and culminating in a joyful graduation ceremony.

You know, “the world” begins right here – in our homes, neighborhood and cities. We look forward to working with you to give your child a quality start on education. It’s a gift for a lifetime, and even for all eternity.


Linda Mogk

Director, CrossPoint Children’s Center

CrossPoint Church has a history of recognizing the importance of the development of children as a Biblical mandate. With the recent tremendous growth of the Inland Empire, CrossPoint saw the need for quality Christian childcare in our community, and built a children’s center specifically designed for a preschool that would provide a safe, Christ-centered learning environment.

Just as our nation is a melting pot, so our children’s center will draw children from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Children and staff alike will be blessed by this diversity – learning to view each other as unique expressions of God’s awesome creativity. Respect for others and good self-esteem will be natural outgrowths of our program which will challenge the child toward excellence in every pursuit and value (both spiritually and morally).

Your child’s journey through preschool and into Transitional Kindergarten will afford opportunities for hands on, developmentally based curriculum balanced with academic instruction, subject-related field trips, and religious instruction. All of this planning will take into account the child’s desire to have an exciting, fun-filled, safe environment in which to learn and play – a place where child’s play equals learning.

In the next few years as we follow the children who graduate from CrossPoint Children’s Center, we will be delighted to watch them blossom wherever God leads them, and see our program affirmed in their successful ventures in life.


1. How will I know what is happening during my child’s day?

Our teachers make sure to communicate on a regular basis with their students’ parents. You can feel free to set time aside to talk with your child’s teacher about daily activities. Also, our school has an email list that allows teachers to email parents the lessons and activities for the following week, so that you may always know what is happening in your child’s classroom.

2. May I visit my child during school?

You may visit your child’s classroom any time you wish! We encourage parents to stay informed on how their child is doing during the day. If you visit your child during class time, and the visit becomes a distraction to your child or any other children, we ask that you visit with your child outside the room or end the visit.

3. How will I know that my child is safe while I’m not there?

CrossPoint Children’s Center has your child’s safety as our top priority. We ensure the safety of all of our students by using video cameras throughout the premises that are recorded to the office’s computer, and by having the front door locked and monitored by our administration. All of the teachers in our preschool are fingerprinted and cleared through the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Child Abuse Index Check. During the day administration visits each classroom 4 to 5 times per day. Interviews and references are used before hiring to assess a teacher’s concern for the care and safety of the children in his/her care.

4. Will my child be challenged academically and be prepared for elementary school?

The curriculum used at CPCC is designed to developmentally and academically challenge each student. Parents are given the opportunity to meet for Parent-Teacher conferences twice during the school year, which allows parents and staff to discuss their child’s progression and learning capabilities. 

5. How do CPCC’s teachers prepare for the classroom setting? How are they qualified?

Our teachers have Early Childhood Education units, which qualify them to teach in a State licensed preschool. Teachers are required to hand in lesson plans to the office every week to outline the coming week’s lessons and activities.

6. Do children get recess time?

Each classroom has a half hour scheduled for outside play every morning and every afternoon. Recess time is also available to the classrooms after lunch, if there is time before nap.

7. Who can pick up my child from preschool? What security measures are taken when releasing children?

As the parent, you authorize who can take your child from the preschool. Parents and other authorized adults can pick up or drop off your child by being registered on our fingerprint reader and touch screen system. By using a biometric check-in and check-out system, there is an additional level of security for your child.

8. What is your total enrollment? What is your student-to-teacher ratio and average class size?

CPCC is licensed to have 200 students per day. Our school has 10 classrooms, which means the average size is 20 students in a classroom per day. With two qualified teacher in each classroom, the student-to-teacher ratio is 11 to 1.

9. Do you have behavioral expectations for students?

It is vital to the well being and successful development of young children that they have clear, consistent, and appropriate limits on behavior based on their age and maturity level. Behavioral expectations and classroom limits are made clear to the children and are reinforced in a firm, positive, and loving manner. We are committed to developing a positive sense of self-esteem, and independent, responsible, and caring behavior on the part of the children.

10. How and when do I apply?

Parents can enroll their child at CPCC for the current school year provided that there are openings in their child’s age group for the days parents request. Registration forms are available on our website at www.crosspointkidsweb.org, or in our preschool office. Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Our registration for new students will be held on the first Friday of every March. The Registration Form/ Registration Class Fee hold the child’s spot. This gives the parents a chance to fill out required paperwork, make doctors appointments, and if necessary, withdraw their child from their current preschool.

11. Do we have to attend church to enroll at CPCC?

CrossPoint Children’s Center has no requirements for church attendance or religious beliefs. We consider our program to be a community preschool without restriction to race, sex, color, creed, national origin, or ancestry.

12. What does a typical day in a CPCC classroom look like?

Our center opens at 6:00 am for those students who need daycare, and then class instruction begins at 8:30 am in each classroom. Depending on the classroom, the day will include prayer, Bible lessons, math readiness, phonics, reading readiness, small and large muscle activities, hand-eye-and-foot activities, outside play, arts and crafts, etc. Morning snack is served at 10:00 am, after which recess time is scheduled for each classroom. Lunch is served at 12:00 pm for those students who stay for the lunch hour. For children who stay all day, nap time is from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. Everything done in morning and afternoon daycare is used to reinforce what the children have learned in that morning’s class time.

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