Preparing for Admission


Checklist for Enrollment

The following forms will need to be completed and returned to the front office at CrossPoint Children’s Center after your admission has been confirmed, and before your child’s first day of school:

  • Parent Contract Form
  • Identification and Emergency Contact Form
  • Physician’s Report and Immunization Record
  • Continuing Medical Release Form
  • Parent’s Rights Form
  • Personal Rights Form
  • Receipt of Child Sexual Abuse Pamphlet
  • Physical, Social, Developmental, and Family History Form
  • Child Pre-Admission Health History–Parent’s Report
  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Field Trip Permission Form
  • Permission for Taking Photographs
  • Mass Disaster Emergency Card
  • Family Commitment Form


Registration Fee

Each year, parents must pay a registration fee for each child, whether new or returning. This year’s current fee, covers insurance, administrative fees, and supplies for your child.



Tuition for the first month of your child’s enrollment should be paid by his or her first day of attendance. After that, you can choose to pay on a monthly, bimonthly, or weekly basis. We offer the program Tuition Express, which allows parents to pay for tuition and other charges via Electronic Funds Transfer from their bank accounts or credit cards.


Lunch & Snack

At our center, meals and snack times are pleasant social learning experiences for children during which conversation is encouraged, self-help skills are fostered, and good nutrition habits are promoted. Parents are invited to join their children for lunch at the center whenever possible.

Hot lunches may be pre-ordered and prepaid on a monthly basis through Emergency lunches are available for $5.50 per lunch through the school if needed. Please note this is for emergency lunches only and should not be used on a daily basis. 

Snacks are provided to children in the morning and afternoon at our center, and are prepared daily in our kitchen on campus. Snacks are planned to meet the child’s nutritional requirements as recommended by the US Department of Agriculture, and arrangements can be made if your child has an allergy to any foods or drinks.

Nutrition education is one of the components of our program. Parents and children alike should be educated regarding the preparation of well-balanced meals, and children are encouraged to try new foods.



For children who stay after 1:00 pm, naptime is required from 1:00 to 2:30 pm after the children’s lunch. Children do not have to sleep during naptime, but we do require that they lay quietly on their mats while the other children rest.

Parents are required to purchase a nap mat and a fitted crib sheet if your child is staying for nap. We also encourage you to bring a small crib-size blanket and small pillow to make naptime more comfortable for your child. Bedding should be taken home and washed every weekend, and returned the next week when your child comes back to school.


Clothing Policy

Children should wear comfortable, washable clothing suited for active and messy play. To avoid losing a favorite jacket or sweater, we ask that parents label clothing that might be taken off during the day. Children should wear pants that they can remove by themselves to go to the bathroom, and if a child wears sandals, they need to have a back strap so that they don’t fall off during playtime.



Each child needs to have a plastic bag with a full change of clothes in his or her cubby at all times. Accidents happen, and we need to be prepared with clean clothes for your child, if necessary. We will put the dirty clothes into the plastic bag for you to take home and wash, and we will send a “Take Note” home so that you know what happened.


Arrival & Departure

Each day a child attends, parents must sign him or her in after going to the classroom, and must sign out before leaving the classroom. Our center has biometric touch screens at the front desk to provide quick and secure sign in and sign out for our parents. Upon registering at the center, parents are registered on the touch screens by using their fingerprint, which they will use to sign in and out from then on.



As a Christian school, we believe in teaching our students about the gospel of Jesus Christ, including Bible lessons in the classroom. Each Thursday, we hold a twenty to thirty minute chapel service in the CrossPoint Church auditorium. Each classroom has the opportunity to prepare and conduct at least two chapel services each year for the entire school, and other services will be given by the director, the church pastor, or other guest speakers.


School Year & Summer Term

Our center is a year-round school and regularly has a large waiting list. In an effort to be fair to all of those who wish to have their child attend CPCC, we have developed a strict Summer Session policy. If your child is enrolled for the current school year, and you want your child to attend the next school year, they must remain enrolled during the summer session. They do not have to attend during the summer, but their tuition for each summer month must be paid in order to hold their spot for the following school year. 


Special Programs

Throughout the year, our center hosts extra-curricular programs such as book clubs, music lessons, dance classes, and school pictures. Should parents wish to enroll their child in any of these special programs, there will be an additional fee above regular tuition costs, which will be paid to the individual providing the service. All special programs will be held on campus, and will be advertised in the front lobby.


Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, all children will be kept at the center until they are picked up by an authorized adult as indicated on the Emergency and Identification form. Our Center always has ample food, water, and first aid supplies to care for all children for 72 hours.


Graduation & Promotion

We believe that it is important to recognize each student’s hard work and significant achievements. So at the end of each school year (around mid-June), CPCC holds a graduation ceremony to recognize those currently enrolled students who are old enough to move on to Kindergarten. For the 2 year old, 3 year old, and Kindergarten classes, we have promotion parties in the classrooms instead of a graduation ceremony. During these parties, students will be recognized for promotion to the next age level for the coming fall, as well as for individual achievement during the past school year.


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