Preparing for School

Starting school for the first time can be a hard process for both parents and children. CrossPoint Children’s Center would like to make your experience as easy and as comfortable as possible, so that both you and your child get the most out of preschool. Here are some basic tips that we feel will make this important transition as smooth as it can be:

Pray about who your child’s teacher will be and pray for that teacher.

All of our staff members have your child’s best interest in mind, and we love to see new faces in our classrooms. So pray that your child connects well with his or her teacher, as well as with the other children in the classroom.

Introduce your child to the preschool ahead of time.

Please feel free to make arrangements with our school to come in before your start date and walk your child around the facility. If he or she is familiar with the building, playgrounds, bathrooms, and classrooms, then the first day of school won’t be quite as startling for them.

Meet the teacher ahead of time.

While you’re making arrangements to introduce your child to our campus, ask the front office who your child’s teacher will be, and if you and your child can sit in on a classroom session during your visit. Meeting the teachers and students, as well as experiencing a part of the daily classroom routine, can be helpful in making the first day a smooth transition.

Read books about the first day of school to your child.

There are many books available for parents and children that illustrate how preschool works. By reading your child stories about the first day of school, he or she can better understand what to expect when they begin.

Allow your child to take something special from home.

Many children have special objects at home that they find comforting and familiar. If your child has a toy, blanket, etc., that you believe might soothe their anxiety during their first few days of school, then let him or her bring it to class. During work time, teachers might ask the children to keep this object in their cubbies, but depending on the classroom, they may have it during inside play time, nap, etc. (as long as it does not bother the other children in the room).

Talk about preschool often before the first day.

To get your child used to the idea of school and the separation from parents, talk to him or her on a regular basis leading up to the first day of preschool. Mention things that will be similar or different to your current daily routine, such as eating habits, naptime, crafts and activities, and so on. Reinforce that preschool is something to look forward to, not something to be scared of.

Start a preschool routine at home.

If your schedule is going to change drastically when you begin bringing your child to preschool, start altering your daily routine so that he or she may become used to the new habits. For instance, if you will start getting up earlier than normal, then for a couple weeks before your child starts preschool, get into the habit of waking up at the new time. The same can be done for lunch, nap, and coming home in the afternoons or evenings.

Prepare your child with language appropriate to his or her level.

When your child begins preschool, the teachers will speak to him or her accordingly. Make sure to instill the habits of using complete sentences, using the proper words to express desires, needs, and ideas, and annunciating his or her words. Language development is a vital aspect of preschool, and it would greatly benefit your child to have the concepts he or she will learn at preschool to be reinforced at home.

Parent and child separation anxiety is an important consideration for preparing for the first day of school. If the parent takes time to prepare, this can be a positive experience for everyone. Talking to other preschool parents, teachers, and administrators can provide you with some vital insight and helpful tips to deal with separation anxiety. Just know that if your child does experience some anxiety when starting preschool, it doesn’t last forever! The students do become accustomed to the school routine, and it becomes easier to say goodbye to mom or dad each morning.


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